Japan Tour '09 New Schedule

At last,the new schedule decided...

Tokyo  27/Aug (Thu)   18:30-  Tokyo International Forum

Osaka  30/Aug (Sun)  18:30-  Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan(厚生年金会館)

Price:S 13650yen /A 10500yen...

This time,Nagoya had canceled...
Only 2stages...Hope it will be ....
1# koko

Wow ~ Koko, thank you for your good news about Jae Wook concerts in Japan 2009,
hope will see u in Japan very soon.


Well,my birthday is 26th!!!...just one day after..(- -;)
Anyway,it must be nice birthday present for me.
So,I'll be able to see you,won't you?!...Big present!..Wow!

See you!...Give me a mail again!
1# koko

Good news~ Good news~ Thanks so much!^^
I wait for this news a long long time~  Haha..

Hope to see you soon!

1# koko

Thanks for KoKo's information !

Happy to see u soon !

Thank you for your good news !

Thanks for the messages!
Well,I hope see you sooon....in this time.....!