Japan Tour had canceled

Hi,every sisters!

Today,Korea & Japan office had announced Japan tour '09 will be cancel.
So,all tickets reservation also stopped.
As you know,because of JW's operation...

It's so pity,but we must worry about JW's thoat...
Well,I hear that the concert will be postponement...
I hope he'll be best condtion soon and he could be best performance!

The HK team members,
IT's really pity that I can't meet you in this June...anyway,we could meet again soon!
Hi Koko,

Really, It is bad news for fans. However, the main point is he can get well.
I believe that after the operation ,when he takes relax fully. I am sure he will have a good performance in front of us. We can wait. Therefore, I am sure we can meet soon!

Koko..please wait for us!

Thanks for your news! Fighting ! ^^
All fans fighting too...

1# koko

Hi, Koko,

Good evening.

Thank you for your information, and I regret to know this bad news about Jae Wook,
whatever will be, I am sure he must get well very soon,
and the result for him must be better better than before,
Although he suffered, he will feel the best, singing, talking. etc.

I am sure he must keep promise with us very soon,
of course, take more rest, follow doctor's instruction is the best.

By the way, you and me also keep promise meet together,
we go to Japan or you come to Hong Kong.

OK, keep in touch please.

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REpost from "AJW World", thank you for love sharing

新聞已出了, 在旭新專輯, 及演唱會延遲演出


這貼還可以按電視機裏聽到及看到有關取消演出消息. (請按 click)
Hi,KPL & Christina!

Well,I hope we could meet soon in Japan !
Thanks for your warm words....
Anyway,I wanna say "Luckey You!"
'Cause you don't need to coming High-risk Japan.
So,you can keep Save Money!!....haha!
1# koko

Dear KoKo,

I regret that I can't meet with u in Tokyo !
Hoping that JW's concerts to be held soon after his good recovery !

Have a nice day !

1# koko

Dear KoKo,

Good News, JW's concert is postponed to August 09 !

Happy to see u in Tokyo soon !

It's very busy August,isn't it...?!
Well,my birth month!...haha!

See you!
8# koko


Right ! it is your birth month, End of ..... A...
and I wish I would meet you in Summer Camp this year.

Haha... see you